The Bigio Hotel, located in the center of San Pellegrino Terme, surrounded by greenery and architectural gems, is the perfect location for those who are looking for tranquility and good food.

Everything started in 1934, when Luigi Giacomo Milesi (also known as “Bigio”), a pastry chef who had just moved to San Pellegrino with his family, decided to open a pastry shop in Marconi Square. There, he invented the “Bigio’s Biscuit”, a shortcrust biscuit with a half-moon shape, which immediately became famous in town .

In 1960, the pastry shop moved to Papa Giovanni XVIII Street, where it’s currently positioned, and the biscuit started to increase its popularity throughout the province.

In 1970 a hotel was annexed to the pastry shop, and it was named “Bigio” in honor of its founder.

In 2000 the structure was renewed, also proposing traditional products and innovative ideas.

Nowadays, the market of the biscuits has even arrived abroad, especially in Korea, where it’s having a great success.

But what makes Bigio’s Biscuits so special and different from any other shortcrust biscuits?

The secret lies in the balance of the ingredients, especially of the butter; and surely in its craftsmanship that has been handed down for generations.

The production now remains artisanal, even if it’s fast-tracked by some industrial machines (which can produce 160 kilos of biscuits per hour), which nonetheless do not affect in any way the authenticity of this product.

The biscuits don’t contain any preservative or chemical and their unique flavour and fragrance make them a symbol of San Pellegrino Terme.


A fun fact: Luigi “Bigio” was such a truly passionate and master in the Puppets art  that this dedication became almost a second work for him. He was used to holding some puppets shows in the square next to the shops on Wednesdays and also, during the war, he was sent from troop to troop to ease the atmosphere and give some amusement to people.



Bigio’s passion is still nowadays visible inside its shop: an army of traditional puppets from all over Italy, stands on the walls to welcome you in.